Seamus Finnegan

'Y'alright there, Harry?'

You stare up at Seamus - a boy with sandy hair and a ski-slope nose. He speaks with an Irish accent.

'You're Harry Potter, aren't ye?' he asks. 'Glad to have ye with us. Hey, do ye know anythin' about Quidditch?'

You grin. 'I know the basics.'

'What team do ye support?' he asks enthusiastically. 'I'm a fan of the Kenmare Ketrels myself, they're bloody excelent. So, your parents are both wizards, right?'

'No,' you say automatically. Then, 'Yes. I mean tehy were.'

'Mine are half and half. Me dad's a muggle, but me mam's a witch.'

'Bet it was a nasty shock for him when he found out,' you say. You can't help yourself.

'Exactly,' he says, surprised. 'Hey, we're goin' down to get breakfast. You comin'?'

'Yeah,' you answer. 'Just going to get changed.'

You locate your robes - Harry's robes - beside your suitcase, and you put them on, trying not to be seen. Then you meet up with Seamus, a boy who must have been his friend Dean, and Ron Weasley. He has red hair and too many freckles, and is more gangly than you imagined him.

'Alright, Harry?' he says in greeting.

You give him the thumbs up, and the four of you make your way to the grand hall. On the way there...

The End

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