Neville Longbottom

'Hello Harry,' Neville says nervously. You can feel him looking at the scar on your forehead. Harry's scar. It feels weird - you've often read about how Harry feels about people staring at his scar - and now it's happening to you.

'I was just wondering, Harry,' he says, 'do you know what the password is?'

'Password?' you say, puzzled. Then you remember - the password to open the painting into the common room. You try to think back to the first book. What was it?

'Er... caput draconis?' you try.

Neville slowly nods, and walks away again. You suspect he has already forgotten the password, but decide not to ask.

You roll over, noticing a suitcase by your bed. It contains a few clothes and all your school supplies. You look over them all - your books, your potion ingredients, a small pewter cauldron. It's awesome.

You suddenly realise. I have all the supplies - that means I must have a wand!

You find your wand tucked at the bottom of the suitcase. It's made of sturdy wood. You try to think back to the first book; the description of Harry's wand. What was it again? You can't remember.

Beside the suitacse are some nice black robes. You hurriedly slip them on, tuck the wand into your pocket, and decide to head down to the great hall alone. You know the way well enough - you've played the games enough times to know your way around Hogwarts blindfolded.

You leave the common room. On your way to the great hall -

The End

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