Make your way down to the common room

You decide to explore your surroundings - if this is a dream, it's a very cool one. You've heard of dreams like these before - lucid dreams, which are the more vivid ones, more easiy controlled. Interesting. You've heard about them beofre, but never actualy experienced one.

You walk down the spiral stone staircase into the Gryffindor common room. It's empty, but someone has already lit the fires. You know from reading all the other books that it's the house-elves that light the fires early in the morning. Still, you don't know what year it is, so you make a mental note not to bring it up to anyone. You might accidentally start Hermione off on her S.P.E.W scheme several books too early.

What am I thinking? you ask yourself. Nonsense!

You sit on a comfy looking armchair in front of the fire and warm yourself up. What year is it, anyway? It's probably the first year, but you don't like to jump to any conclusions. You don't want to act 'out of character'.

There's only one way to find out.

You make your way over to the room, where a mirror hangs on the wall. You look at yourself. Staring back at you is a very young lookign Harry Potter. But this is not the Harry Potter that Daniel Radcliffe plays. This Harry bears more resemblance to the Harry Potter in the books - tall and skinny, untidy black hair, bright green eyes, and of course, the lightning scar. You examine yourself for a little while, then try to decide what year it is. Harry looks quite young, so it must be either the first or second year.

'It's either first or second,' you say, and are surprised to hear how high and squeaky your voice is. It must be the first year.

You make your way to the great hall. Already there is -



The End

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