Go back to bed - hopefully it's just a dream

You stand motionless in front of the window for a few moments. Then you laugh.

It's a dream! Of course it's a dream. It wasn't possible to simply go to bed and then wake up and BECOME Harry Potter. That would be silly.

You pad back to bed. It's still warm when you clamber under the covers. You manage slepp for about fifteen minutes before somebody pokes you in the face.

You wake up. A short and rather tubby boy stares back at you.

'Alright Harry? I heard you get up, and I wondered, you know , if thre was anything wrong, or...?'

You stare at the boy. 'Who are you?'

He looks puzzled, and rather worried.

'I'm Neville, Harry. I saw you on the train, yesterday?'

You stare some more. He looks nothing like the Neville Longbottom as portrayed in the films. He's different. Also, apparently, you already know each other. Met on the train.. it must be the beginning of the year. You sit up.

'No, nothing's wrong, Neville,' you say, trying to sound as much like Harry as possible. 'I just couldn't sleep.'

'Oh,' Neville says nervously. 'OK then.' And he goes back to bed.

You sit there, wondering what all this could possibly mean. It's as if you've stepped into the REAL Harry - not just a mere reproduction of the film, but the book. Could your imagination possibly conjour up all this?

You decide to go back to sleep one last time, and see if you'll wake up back in your own bedroom.

You manage another fifteen minutes sleep before being woken up by -


The End

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