You are Harry Potter!

A roleplay adventure as you suddenly wake up to find yourself at Hogwarts, having to exist as Harry Potter

It's a normal evening. You sit in front of the telly with your family; you derive some enjoyment from making fun of Simon Cowell's receding hairline. You make everyone a cup of tea and they drink it.

Finally you start to feel tired. You're comfortable downstairs in the presence of your family, but your eyes are drooping and your mouth is yawning, and you can't quite finish your tea. It's time for bed.

You give everybody a hug and wish them a goodnight before climbing the stairs to your room. You turn on the light. You're greeted by several Harry Potter posters, merchandise and other paraphenalia. This is normal. You are a Harry Potter fan.

You gaze proudly at the books - all seven Harry Potter books, first editions. They look great lined up on your shelf like that. Lined up next to them are all the DVD's - well, nearly all of them. You can't wait to get your hands on the last few.

Suddenly feeling extraordinarily drowsy, you clamber into bed and turn off the light. The faces of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape and many more glow onimously at you in the darkness.

You fall asleep.


When you wake up the next morning, it is not to the same faces. You blink rapidly, trying to take in your surroundings. You seem to be sitting in a dormitory. In the space beyond, you see figures turning over in their beds and mumbling.

You get up. Thed dormitory is bigger than you think. The curtains are not yet open. You cross over to the windows and look out.

You are stunned to see the outlines of high stone towers, and beyond that, you see lakes, hills... mountains.

You recognise ths place from the films. Incredibly, impossibly, you are looking out at the grounds of Hogwarts.

Anotehr thought occurs to you. Your hand goes to your forehead. You feel around. Your fingers rake through hair, and then meet the bumpy imprint of a lightning shaped scar.

You gasp. You have become Harry Potter.

What do you do next?


The End

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