What You Chose To Be

I'm beginning to understand what you chose to be, but sometimes I just can't imagine how I can handle it.

One time, I felt okay. I felt okay with who you are, and what you chose to be. But one time, you did it again-showing everyone that there's something between you two. Oh c'mon! 

Maybe you've noticed that many people are around you, but you still pushed through with what you're doing. Oh-my-gosh. 

Is this real? Is this really REAL?! I keep on thinking that to myself whenever I remember what you're doing. 

I know that I can't change what and who you chose to be, but remember that real friends want what's best for you, not those that could hurt you. 

I'm sorry if I can tell it straight at your face, I'm sorry if I'm telling it to the internet, I'm sorry if what I'm saying can hurt you. I'm so sorry. 

The End

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