Yes, I'm rANdOmm!!

A.D.D. journal

First of all everyone is free to post on here your thoughts at the time thats why i made this!

11:07!!! Dang! i thought it was like 8 something! hmm.... guess not! haha!! vacay tomorrow!!!  so excited!! i got 4 a's and 2 b's as my final test grades! im really gonna do better next year!! HIGH SCHOOL!! whoop whoop!  TACOS!! yum! :) Protag= awesome!  New phone is needed badly!  Summer is here baby!! finally!!! Panama City Beach in a few weeks!! yeah!! Oil Spill is a bummer though! maybe it will hold off!  Ooooooh..... perfume!!! gotta keep packing! Ms. C3lady let us watch Finding Nemo the other day and now i want to just sing, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.  What do we do?  We swim, swim, ha, ha, ha"  yeah yeah you get it! I'm gonna miss everyone from 8th grade!! i love yall!!  ok so im tired! bye!!!

The End

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