Draniei: An idea, eh.Mature

"I just had an idea!" Her shrieking voice echoed across the cafeteria.

"Ok, what?"

"Well, you said that Namir and I have similar personalities right?"

"Yeah, well so does Zephyr and I. Everyone's spirit animal has a similar personality to them."

"Right, so that means Katsu and Izumi would have similiar personalities."



"-Zephyr, stop teasing Namir!" I screech at Zephyr.

"Sorry, Draniei." Zephyr meekly replies

I turn back to Etana, "sorry, you were saying?"

"Well, I was going to say, we could get our animals to befriend Katsu, and from that a small bond would start being shared between us all. Because of our animals. And so, Izumi would have friends, that she knows really cares."

"Hmm," I respond, "it certainly is worth a chance. But, she's not lonely by accident. It's on purpose."

"What do you mean?" She says, as she leans in closer to listen.

"I won't say, if you don't know you shouldn't hear from me."

Her face turns sour, "What! Honestly! You and your neutrality. Hmph!"

"Without my neutrality, the world would be terribly out of balance. I can heal everything, and anything. If I had no discretion, the very fabric of nature would be overturned."

She thought on this for a moment. "Does that mean you're immortal?"


"Is that fair, for you to use your powers on yourself?"

"It's not a choice. By virtue of my neutrality, I would love to die some day. But, I won't. It's something I have to come to terms with, just like you. But for different reasons."

She nods in seeming understanding, then the bell for first class rings.

"Well, let's go. We have the same class together!" She says in a perky voice.

"Right, Ok. Come on, Zephyr!"

"You too, Namir!"

And together we walked off into the hallways, down the corridors and on our way. To our first class of the day.

The End

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