Etana - PointlessMature

I don't know why Draniei even bothers. Izumi will never give in and be friends with him, so if I was him, I'd just give up.

I tell him this.

"Thoughts to self" Namir mutters.


"Nah, it's fine. You might not want to be so open around some people, though"

"Yeah, I get told that a lot" I frown. "Oh dear, I was going to ask Izumi what that teacher's called, but now I can't..."

"What teacher?"

"The one who makes us all use her first name"

"Natziti?" Draniei suggests.

"Yeah, that's it! Hey, Namir! Leave Zephyr alone!" I exclaim happily, and then slightly alarmed. God,how rude can you get? Trying to catch someone else's animal spirit.

"Sorry" he says, jumping onto my lap. 

"When you first came here, you were one of the quietest people around" Draniei tells me. "What happened?"

"I got used to it" I grin. "Anyway, back to the main point. If Izumi wont let you be her friend, why don't you make friends with that sloth girl? She seems a bit lonely"

"Kema doesn't need friends. Izumi does"

"Hmm, but- NAMIR!" I yell. "Stop it right now!"

Namir ducks his head and hides under the table.

"Your cat wouldn't be able to catch Zephyr"

"Yeah, but I'm trying to avoid the trouble if he does"

"You should have more faith in him. You have similar personalities, use it to an advantage, not to seek out problems"

And that gets me thinking.

The End

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