There goes the breakfast bell. I thought to myself, not bothering to move. I was lazed across my bed, reading. But it wasn't that I couldn't be bothered to move, I just always waited a few minutes after so that I'm not caught up in the big crowd. I HATE big crowds. Another reason I stayed behind was so that I could have a few moments with Alaya, my snake.

I got up from reading and walked over to the window. A gorgeous day - blue sky, a few clouds and a nice breeze. Looking behind me, I went over to the small freezer and got out some frozen mice. Yum. I walked over to the table and fed Alaya her breakfast. She slithered out of her little cave and caught the one I was holding.

Once she'd finished, I picked her up and draped her around my neck, then wandered off in the direction of the dining hall.

It looked like I wasn't the only one late for breakfast; on my way down I accidentally bumped into a girl cradling her sloth.

"Oops! Sorry!" I said.

"It's okay." She said, faintly.

"Are you okay? I'm Queala. And you are..."

"Dead meat. Oops, sorry, I'm Kema." She said, snapping out of the daze.

"Right. Where are you going anyway? It's breakfast."

"I know. I'm just finding somewhere for my sloth." She told me.

"Okay then. Bye!" I called as I carried on walking.

"Wait!" She shouted, "I need some help."

Curiously, I walked back a few paces as she started telling me about her new found power. After, I persuaded her to tell me where Pano was.

"Ermm, well, I-I put him in my dorm but I didn't realise that I left the window open..." Kema stuttered.

I stared at her with unbelievable written all over my face.

The End

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