Draniei Malachite: Breakfast time.Mature

I heard the morning bell for breakfast and my eyes shot open. I sat up in my bed to see my spirit animal, Zephyr, a butterfly, fluttering around.

"Darn, I slept in."

"It's you're fault for reading The Bible so late." Zephyr replies.

I stand up out of my bed and change out of my pyjamas into a uniform. Then, I go to the bathroom and I quickly brush my teeth and my hair.

"Come on, we're going to be late!"

"One moment." I grunt.

I go and grab my backpack from the table across my room, I sling it over my right shoulder and I walk out of my dorm room. Then, I run down the corridors and manage to make my way to the cafeteria. I get my breakfast then consider where I am going to sit down.

"Who should I sit with today, Zephyr?"

"Let's sit with Izumi again, she looks lonely."

"Hmm, okay."

I steadily walk over to Izumi and I place my tray on the table. I take my backpack off and slide it underneath the seat, then I sit down.


"Draniei, go away."

"You say that everytime I sit next to you, what is up?"

I take a spoonful of cereal while I wait for a response.

"Nothing's wrong." She says, in a cold, deflective voice.

"You know, as a healer, I can just heal your emotional and memorial issues."

"Yeah, but you won't because it disrupts the balance."

"Yup, but things may change. The wind has been speaking to Zephyr lately, telling her secrets. Things are going to change, and get interesting soon. If we aren't together, we will shatter."

"You're butterfly can speak to the wind?"

"It's an interesting side-effect of taking energy from the surroundings. She has become a conduit for knowledge of the surroundings. And the wind knows everything."

"So, what's going to happen?"

"That, my lonesome friend, is a secret. One that I cannot tell you. But I wish I could."

"Does it involve me?"

"Won't say. But, be aware of the changes. And don't be so scared of letting everyone in."

"You don't know me."

"You'd be surprised at what I know." She gives me a look of shock, followed by an air of disgruntledness. "I feel like I've struck a nerve."

"Hey guys!" Etana shrieks as she comes and sits with Izumi and I. "How're you?"  Izumi gets up and leaves, and I cradle my head in my hand. "What's going on?" Etana asks.

"Nothing, just, nothing." I sigh as I continue to eat my food.

The End

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