Kema - finding powerMature

Kema followed the magnificent owl, while fondling over Kai, who lay rested in her arms. She held the sloth up to her eyes, and looked into his lazy pupils.

Suddenly, they flashed a blinding white then returned normal. Kema blinked madly.

Okay... Kai is just way to weird. And just when I thought sleeping was all he could do. Izumi is actually very nice, she thought, I thought I'd be scared when I meet her. Well, I guess I kind of was, but still.

She opened the side door to the building and walked in. Just then, the breakfast bell rang. It rang clear and loud, inviting the hungry teenagers into the dining hall. Kema heard doors fly open on the floor above her and footsteps stomping.

Never mind breakfast, not yet anyway. I need somewhere for Kai...

She saw a picture of a nightingale, the label underneath it saying


Animal Spirit of the first High Priestess"

A nightingale. I could do with one of those right now. Some more company would be nice.

She imagined Pano flying around the corridors and realised he probably wouldn't be very happy around here. She walked on, with Katsu glancing back now and then to make sure Kema was following.

Then she heard a tweet. And another. Then a nightingale flew over her head.

Katsu stopped mid-air and turned round. The nightingale looked exactly like Pano.

Impossible. Absolutely impossible.

Kema turned round and walked back a few steps.

The frame and the background was all that was left of Pano's portrait.

The End

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