"No, no! Namir, stop it! You're making me- oh no!" I giggled as my cat explained to me exactly what that girl who'd broken her nail had actually done. 'Cause I was so hyper, I couldn't control my hearing range and started to hear other things. 

Like, I heard that sloth girl fall out of a tree, and then get told off by the owl girl. I heard a splotch type sound as someone dropped their milkshake, and then the giggles as their friends laughed at them. 

And I heard- "Whoa, no. Namir, stop it" I said, trying to be serious.

"Ooh, but don't you want to know who it is?" he hopped onto the window ledge outside the staff room. 

"Yes! Tell me!"

"It's Lahela and Esteban"

"What? But they're, like, opposites! It doesn't make sense!"

"Not in your world, Eta. I think you're about the most immature teenager I've ever come across"

"Only just a teenager" I grinned, knowing I was being stupid.

"You're fourteen"

"Oh, stop being logical. C'mon. Let's go, Miss wasserface might see us. We're not meant to be here, you know"

"Hmm" Namir muttered thoughtfully as he padded alongside me. "What is that teacher's name, anyway. It doesn't seem like anyone knows it"

"Dunno. Ooh ooh ohh, I know who'll know it! That owl girl...!"

"You'll do well calling her 'that owl girl' to her face. She's called Izumi. You sure you wanna go find her?"  

"Yeah, why not?" I shrugged. I knew from Namir that Izumi wasn't the most friendly person in the world. Actually, she didn't seem friendly at all. But, y'know, people change. I changed when I got here. I'd thought I was weird, so I'd stayed away from everyone. When I came to this place, I learned that I was weird, but in a me way, not in a freaky-superhuman-hearing-powers way. And I talked to people more, now. And I was way more daring. Way way way more daring. Not naughty-daring. But daring. Namir kept calling me a cheeky beggar when I first found him. I'd just laughed and told him that he was one, too. 

The End

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