IZUMI (Like Dylan in the Movies- Belle&Sebastian)Mature


I glared at the child in the tree, I glared so hard that she fell out with shock.

I stuck my hand out and pulled her up.

'Did you have a nice time up there?' I smiled cynically.

'Um..uh.. I was just.. uhh, seeing my.. s-s-sloth!' She muttered.

'I know, in future, I would let him go on the safer tree's this one is exreamly old and has a tendacy for breaking.' I told her sternly.

'Oh! OH! Oh dear, Lai! LAI GET DOWN!' She yelled, and the lazy ball of fluff let go so the girl could catch her.

''Thats better. KATSU!!' I yelled, and my animal flew stright to me, ' Katsu, see-?'


'See Kema to her dorm where she can stay out of trouble.' I told the owl. Katsu hooted and flew just in front of Kema, who was cradling the sloth in her arms. She followed my owl, still cooing at Lai.

I frowned. I thought I was the only one with no friends.

The End

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