She climbed up the tree nimbly, the tree that overlooked the female dorm rooms. Shrieks came from random sections of walls but she ignored them easily. The wind battered against the bark and her body, threatening to throw her off, it doesn't succeed of course. Her hands reached the topmost stable branch, around 5 metres off the ground, hanging perpendicularly from the tree trunk. Near the end of it lied an ugly grey lump. Kema shuffled towards it, and a nose popped up from the grey lump. It sniffed the air returns to its position.

"Hey Lai," she whispered, stroking the sloth caringly. "It's my birthday, you know?"

Knowing well her sloth probably definitely doesn't understand a single word she sayid,  she felt the lump in her throat when she realised that her sloth was the only companion she might ever get.

"It's three weeks into the school, I hope you get used to this place. We'll be staying here for quite a while." Backs turned against Kema the day she stepped out of her portal with her sloth spirit. "Twelve, that doesn't sound much. But..." Her sloth grunted and she took it as encouragement. She always looked on the bright side of things.

"What've you done with my nails?! Those took ages, bitch!" She heard a scream from the wall behind her and giggled to herself as she pictured the scene.

An outsider, that was who she is. Someone in the audience. Someone on the back row, unnoticed.

The sun peeked out from the clouds, bringing the first light to the day. "Bye, Lai. I'll be back soon."

She positioned herself to climb down the tree and looked at the sloth once more time. Then she caught the eye of someone right behind that branch. Piercing purple eyes. Izuma, she thought. The mysterious Council Check two years above her who was well known and respected. Surprise overwhelmed her, and her fingers disobeyed her orders.

She fell off the tree towards the ground.

The End

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