IZUMI (Numb- Linken Park)Mature


'No! Izumi! What are you doing?' Screamed mum as objects flew about the room.

'MUMMY! WHATS HAPPENING?' I sobbed,  as more and more things took flight and smashed stuff, Kaori was on the flood, blood gushing out of her neck where a kitchen knife had struck her. My dad was upstairs, dead, because of me. And mum was about to die and I couldn't control what was going on! 'MUMMY! MAKE IT STOP!! I DON'T LIKE IT!!'

'Izumi! Calm down! Just calm down! Please! Let me see to Kaori! PLEASE!' She cried, looking at my twin sister who I was standing over protectively.

'MUMMY! PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP!!'I shrieked! A shard of glass slammed into the side of her head. Just as she said, 'Izumi! I love y-'

'ARGGG!' I woke up in a cold sweat, I was crying from the flashback.

I blinked away the tears and breathed slowly... in.... out... in ...out.

The tears were gone and I could feel my stony expression re-appear.

I cracked my knuckles and got up, I went into the bathroom and splashed cold water over my clammy face.


I spun around, a tooth brush and shampoo bottle flew into the air as I did so.

It was Keera, a nosy girl who was in the dorm next to mine.

'What do you want? How DARE you barge into my dorm! I am a Council Check!'I hissed menacingly.

'I heard you scream and I thought you were hurt. I guess I was wrong. Sorry.' She shrugged and walked away. I suddenly feld all warm and fuzzy inside. Something I had never felt since I was nine. It was the feeling that I knew someone cared.


'Yeah?' She said, turning.


'No problem.'

Someone cared. Even if it was someone I disliked.

I've become someone I can't feel anything anymore. Not even saddness.

Just hate.

The End

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