I've been at Xenix since I was nine. I'm nearly fourteen now. Xenix has been my home and family. I don't even know if I'm going to surve the Blood Process...

I sat on the front lawn, watching the stars flash in the night sky. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. Concentrating hard. I opened my eyes and breathed deeply again, I looked calmly at the lines up rocks in front of me and stared hard at them.

One by one then rose up, I didn't smile. I never do these days, only fake smiles.

'Nice.' Commented Zackson, a boy I knew vaugley from English Lit.

'I know.' I said coldly. Turning back to my rocks, making them dance around eachother, 'I'm working, so if you please, go away.'

'Nah, you work too much, you need to lighten up some. C'mon, let's go to the Sanctuary.' He said in a much warmer voice than my steely hard one.

'OK, but I'm still going to work.'I told him sternly. I got up gracefully and fell into step behind him. My rocks followed behind us.

'There is a new kid here.' Commented Zackson, nodding in the direction of the new child. They looked terrified and confused, 'are you going to help them?'

'No. They will find their own place. I had too.' I said dryly.

'But- but your one of the schools Concil Check.'He stammered.

'Colly will have to deal my himself.' I said in a cool voice and carried on walking, Zackson stopped.

'Whats your problem?'He hissed.


'There's something wrong with you! You have no friends, you work all the time and you don't even care that a crazy superhuman killed your family!'He said in a angry hushed voice. Something dark flashed through me, but I calmed it.

'I can't have friends. I'll hurt them. And it's none of your business about what happened to MY family. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go to my dorm room because you are persistant and annoying!' I snapped, losing my icy outer shell for a minute.

I stalked off in the direction of the girls dorms, ignoring his calls for me to come back.

Becuase it wasn't a mental superhuman that killed my family.

It was me.

The End

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