Xenix: Laws of the Superhuman.Mature

Xenix is a school for superhuman kids and teens, pay attention and you may survive....

Laws of Xenix

1. All must have names that no mere normal mortal would have(unusual name)

2.Spots of gold, silver or mettallic green upon your face.

3.Eyes of pure green or purple.

4.Must have ONE and only ONE superhuman power. Only the High Priestess may have THREE.

5.Animal spirit partner must not be stolen or not alive. (or You will die)

6.Uniform must be worn at all times in the school grounds.

7.NO CONTACT WITH OUTSIDERS apart from shopkeepers when purchasing products or meeting family.

8.No photo's of you must be given to outsiders.

9.If blood is spilt in conflic, maximum punishment will be inflicted upon the beater.

10.Do not let anyone know about Xenix. If so, death is only option.

Listen to these rules and you are most likely to survive the Xenikious blood process.



*Authers note: I'm going to put a song each chapter should be listned with for miximum effect, please do if you think it will boost your chapters enthusiasm!!!*


Word Meanings(this will be added to as the chapters go on):

Xenikious Blood Process................. The process all Superhumans go through to be considered a Pure.

A Pure............... A fully formed Superhuman.

The End

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