Day 6Mature

Prompt - Begin writing with these words: This is not what it looks like...

(Page Break)

This is not what it looks like... Looking back Jason wondered why they were the first words out of his mouth, especially with the way the situation had now become out of hand. He shifted in his seat and looked at the clock for the third time, he looked back at the door. There was a plain black plaque with the words 'Mr. Nikolai - Principal', he looked away. His parents were on the other side of that door, talking, shouting, crying.

He looked down the hall towards the receptionist, taking in her sideways glances and he atrocious pink suit. Seriously, who wore pink suits nowadays? He looked back at the clock, a minute had passed, he looked at the coffee stained wall beside the printer. He bit his lip, and shifted in his seat once again, his weary gaze returned to the door as the handle turned.

His mother came out, eyes red, clutching a tissue and Jason looked past her as he stood to the figure of his father, whose face was red and blotchy. He must have been the one to shout.

"Thank you Mr. Nikolai." Jason watched his father shake the Principals hand and leave the office, closing the door behind him, "Let's go home boy." Jason nodded and fell into step behind his parents, from the tone of his father's voice it didn't look too good.

All he'd tried to do was help a classmate get a pencil lead out of their thigh.

The End

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