Day 4Mature

Prompt – Open the book you’re reading to page 35. Write down the final sentence on the page. Can you create the title for a novel from the sentence?

Book: Night World Volume One – Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, Enchantress – By L.J. Smith

Published by Hodder Children’s Books

Page 35 sentence: She dialled, thinking Please be there.

 (Page Break)

Title 1 – Please Be There.

Summary – Kyri received a phone for her eighteenth birthday, and to her it is the best thing in the world. She can play games, text friends, keep updated on Facebook, but there is a problem. She keeps getting a strange call from an unknown number; all that she hears is static.

Excerpt –

Kyri stared at the iPhone in her hand, it was ringing. The tones of Back in Black erupting loudly from the device, causing her friends the raise eyebrows and tilt heads, she didn’t look up. She couldn’t, it was that unknown number again she didn’t want to answer. She’d ignored it the past three times the number had called her, she knew about stranger danger, she’d even figured out how to block it but it still came back. Her phone stopped and she awkwardly looked up at her friends, placing her phone in her pocket and flicking the button on the side to silence it, “So, did you watch that new Disney movie yet?”

The End

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