Day 2.Mature

Prompt - Write a scene that starts with these words: She thought it odd that he was first to die.

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 She thought it odd that he was the first to die. It seemed illogical in a world now created to survive through diseases and biological warfare. They'd all created a new immune system; more advanced that the ones all those years ago. 

 The year is 2310, of the seventh month, on the fourth day. The large, beefy men were celebrating some historic event that had no meaning any more. No one cares, the world has been torn asunder but still she did not think that he would be the first. She turned slate blue eyes towards the elders of this community, if anything they would have gone. They were the oldest of us all, at around ninety five and counting.

 She paused and looked at the body laid on the pyre in front of her and frowned. There were no wars happening, no pandemics, and no biological outbreaks of unknown origin. She tilted her head as his body went up in flames, it was only when a beam from underneath his body burst, turning it slightly that she saw the large gash in his side, she stepped back, shock on her face and that was when she felt it. The blade cutting into her own flesh, she looked into the eyes of the one who attacked her. 

 "I'm sorry. We cannot have anomalies like you running loose." She blinked, what did they mean, she turned her head to the elders, to the crowd. No one was looking at her; it was as if no one cared. As if she did not exist.

The End

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