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Prompt - Write the opening scene of a story through the viewpoint of a spider that lives in your bedroom.

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It's quiet tonight, the large beasts are sleeping and that thing that laughs and bats me away is snoring under that cover. I sit in the corner, where it's dark, where it's safe and watch. Watch like I have always done. I blink and look forlornly at my home; it had been destroyed not over an hour ago by the elder of the two giants. The elder always destroyed my home no matter how many times I moved. The younger would pick me up sometimes, while I cursed and stamped and screeched. The young giant would always handle me carefully and take me outside into the cold, the wet. The silence.

I don’t like the outside, that’s why I always go to the pipe nearest the tree into which the younger puts me, they never know. They believe I am just a new one for them to move, for them to destroy the home of. I am resigned. I am grieving.

I made a nest the other day, placed my children in it and told them I will be back; I was just getting some food. I left with him, the love of my life. I hadn’t taken him yet, but I would soon. The black beast got him as he was running across the room, all joyous it was. I stayed in the shadows, climbed high, watched. His screeches still haunt me and when the young giant woke it handled him with care, put him in a small box and took him outside. He loved the outside, he only came in when it got too cold.

My web is sparkling now, and I move further back, into the darkness; into the shadows. The beasts are awake now, scrapping. I sneer and they look towards my corner, I stay still. They cannot see me, they cannot reach me, they cannot. The young giant is waking now, and I watch as they grab something and put it towards them, I move forward curious. The giant looks up at me, I step back.

“Good morning little spider, it’s nice to see you, but you can’t stay there.” I feel a string move and I stop my staring contest. I do not know what the giant has said but I do not care, I have my breakfast and that is all I need for now. 

The End

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