quiet, building, hover

There was absolute silence. It was weird.

You know how when something is so quiet, you can just hear yourself? And you begin to wonder if you're the only one left on the planet? 

It was quieter than that.

I was lost, that was for sure. 

I'd been running, crying. So I'd had no idea where I was going. I didn't care at that time. But now it was dark, I was alone. 

I would have rather had creepy voices, or wind whistling or an owl calling. Anything but this dreadful silence. 

I saw a bird, a raven. It hovered over the trees for a moment, then disappeared into the sky. Come back I thought, Please don't leave me alone.

I walked farther, the light was almost completely gone, and I could only see trees about ten metres in front of me. I was about that close to the house when it loomed up from the dark. 

It wasn't really a house, more of a shack. The building seemed to sway in the night, and the moment I saw it I felt far more attracted to taking my chances in the forest. This house was the stuff of nightmares.

I stood there for longer than I could count, not daring to even breathe. The silence rang in my head like sirens. 

Eventually I reached one hand forward, and pushed open the door.


The End

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