lipstick, evil, lawn

The day my life changed forever was August 2, 2012. I had gone to the supermarket for my mother. She was planning a surprise birthday for my sister, and insisted that she had no idea about it. My mother asked me to purchase seven cans of frosting and fifteen bags of peanut butter M and Ms. Surely my sister didn't have that many friends.

But the inordinate amount of sweets in my bag did not change my life. I bet you though I ate them all and got diabetes, and that's how my life changed forever, the end, ta ta, farewell, see ya later.

You would be wrong.

What happened while I walked back from the store was what changed me.

I had stopped to look at this one man's house. He was a neighbor, and only ever mowed his lawn at two in the morning. So, naturally, it had to be a kickass lawn. I decided to take a gander. I wish I hadn't.

That same, insane man was lying on the coveted lawn, stained with blood. I yelped. Towering over his body like a shadow, one foot on his stomach, was a woman with milky white skin, dressed all in black. Her lipstick was an evil red shade. I never saw her eyes.

Everyone on the street went about their business, not even remotely aware of the dead person and the Grim Reaper on the beautiful lawn.

Then I realized: I was the only one who could see them.

Before they disappeared as a whole, I heard two words in a voice like chittering bats. Two words I'm pretty sure only I heard.

You're next.

The End

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