I hope you don't mind if I use 8 words instead of 3, I am simply used to 8 words, it is an exercise I do almost every day using a prompt I get from a certain. I'll post 3 words in the title but use 8 words in total and capitalize and italicize them so that everyone knows which words they are and in the future, if I should so choose to write on here again, I will once again use 8 words so that there is no confusion.

He paused momentarily in a state of awe, the extra buttery Popcorn threatening to slip his grasp, oh the power of women, especially women in such Guady attire as had just appeared on screen.

With his girlfriend sitting next to him, he attempted to Delude himself into believing that he wasn't, not only amazed at the on-screen protagonist's beauty, but also notably sexually aroused, something he desperately wanted to keep hidden.

At that moment the Phone rang, giving him a momentary reprieve as he had to step out of the theater in order to answer it. The conversation didn't last long but he stayed outside nonetheless, attempting to Motivate his body into releasing its erection.

He whispered to himself in a Low calm voice so as not to ironically "arouse" suspicion from his fellow theatergoers that anything unusual was happening to him. Despite the cold night air his erection remained, growing desperate he thought to himself "I don't suppose anyone would buy that I have a Flute shoved down my pants."

Worried that his girlfriend was still waiting for him inside, he decided to go back into the theater hoping against hope that the darkness would obscure his prominent member.

If he was caught he told himself, he would simply try to Affirm to his girlfriend (giggity) that his present physical condition was caused by his close proximity to her, though he was unsure whether she would be flattered or repulsed but by that point he didn't care which.

(Forgive me if I wrote too much.)

The End

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