uniform, ice, rib

A girl lies on the grass looking at the universe.

A boy comes up the slope of the hill to join her. He is wearing a military uniform and carries a straw basket.

“What you got there, James?” the girl asks, sitting up, eyeing the boy in front of her.

“Potatoes, delicious ribs and iced tea,” James says as he sits down next her. Then he takes out two boxes out of the basket and utensils. He hands over one box to the girl and keeps the other. “I am sorry that I could not take you out, this way at least you can see me fly out.”

“I am still mad at you James, you promised to marry me and yet you are leaving to fight a war that is not your own. When you return, I will be dead,” the girl sheds a tear.

James pulls out a box out of his pocket and hands it over to the girl. She opens it and gasps.

“The crystal looks like a block of ice,” she utters.

“Yes, we met on an icy day so I thought it would be appropriate. We are married under the stars right now. I love you and I will return so wait for you,” James says.

The girl starts sobbing. “When you return from your star war, I will be gone.”

He smiles, “you are studying, create something that can keep you alive until my return.”

They eat in silence. 

The End

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