Batman. Guns. Ice cream.

The late October wind picks up, and I pull what I can around me. But it's no use and I shiver against myself. "This is silly." I exclaim. My best friend Riley walking beside me, let's out a laugh. "What?" I ask confused. 

For the most part she is wearing an all green suit, except for her pants, which are green with yellow lines down the side. Her face, in the other hand is painted white. A lipstick smear of a grin painted around her lips like a crooked smile.

"Nothing." She says in between another laugh. Suddenly I halt in my stance, and glare at her. My actions finally rewarded. "It's just... I mean come on." She says, her arms waiving out towards me as if that could explain it all.


"Just that I told you that you were going to regret choosing that outfit." She smiled, and starting walking again. I stare in awe after her. 

"I do not regret choosing my outfit!" I quickly say after catching up. Then, feeling proud, I grab at the edges of my cape and stride past her a few feet. "I am Batman!" I smile.

"More like Jack Frost with the way you're shivering." 

"Not true!" I'm quick to say. Shoving her slightly with my elbow when she's close. "If someone hadn't had to stop for ice cream, I would be fine!" 

"I like ice cream!" She laughs. "What's wrong with that?"

"Well for one thing it's cold, and second, it Halloween!" I smile linking arms with her as we finally arrive at the party. We had only been walking for hours. I roll my eyes at the thought. "Why do you need ice cream when there will be candy?"

"Um, okay. Well, then why do I this gun?" Her voice is flat, and I have to admit I'm a little lost at her statement. 

"Because it came with your costume?" I say tentatively.

"exactly..." She smiles.

"Riley, that makes no sense."

"yes it does," she says with a smile, slowly making her way up the steps and further towards the growing sound of the music. "Ice cream is like this gun. It's useful, it's cool, and I wanted it."

"that's your reasoning." My tone is flat and unamused. I'm freezing my butt off because she just wanted it. "Because you wanted it? Because it was cool?"

"Pretty much." She smiles, and opens the door for me to walk in front of her. "why did you choose that costume?" 

"Because you took The Joker." I tease. She rolls her eyes and crosses her arms. "Because I wanted it." I finish in a huff. 

"Exactly." She smiles. "And I wanted ice cream. It's not my fault you chose a costume with no pants." 

Narrowing my eyes at her I walk inside. "Can I tell you what I want to do right now?"

"Find a cute boy, and dance?"

"Not exactly," I smile looking at the rubber gun she holds in her hand. "It is a cool gun." I admit.

Excitedly, she lifts it up already going on and on about why she picked it. Without a second delay, I grab it a throw it into the room. Riley's eyes watching after in horror in slow motion as it fell somewhere towards the back. 

"Why did you do that?" She asks, turning to me with a soured look on her face. 

"Because I wanted to, and I'm Batman." was all I said, and then disappeared into the crowd. Laughing the whole time.


The End

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