music, oath, jacket

"Who ruined my jacket?" I stomp loudly down the stairs and walking into the kitchen.

Both of my brothers look up from their breakfast. They eye me up and down.

"So what? You are a Goth now, you do not wear pink jackets," Dylon, my older brother responds.

"This PINK jacket is my life! It was given to me by my best friend from camp during a music concert. I can wear it with anything," I yell at him glaring daggers.

"Yeah, it's not like you made an oath to keep it brand new all the time," my five year old brother, Michael says while munching on gummy bears. Who eats gummy bears for breakfast? 

"Actually, little bro. I did make an oath. I told her that nothing will ever happen to this jacket. I promised her that nothing will happen to it. She told me that if something happens to the jacket, it means something happened to her. So now I have to call and ask if everything is is going to be embarrassing." I don't think either of them understand. 

The End

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