Just a bit of writing practice as I try to get out of my writer's block. Everything here's just for fun.


A family vacation to New York City goes wrong when the city zoo's hippos escape from their exhibit. 

Alicia was sitting in the backseat of her family’s ford fusion with her earbuds in, rocking out to her favorite punk band on the highest volume possible. Her mom was in the driver’s seat, arguing with her dad; no surprise. Whenever her family took long road trips, her parents always ended up fighting.

She looked out the window, watching the buildings on New York City go by. They were visiting the city for vacation; it was her mom’s idea, but she wasn’t about to object to it. As they neared Times Square, her father turned and parked the car in one of the many paid parking garages. They all got out and, after her father locked the car, began to walk.

In the midst of the busy streets of Times Square, people were screaming. Alicia heard it, even though she still had her music blasting. Pulling her earbuds out, she looked at her mom quizzically and asked, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t...” Her mom was cut off as a giant hippopotamus lumbered down the street towards them.  

The End

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