By then, Alex could no longer focus on his work. His pencil swirled over his paper and began creating little designs. He let his mind go free and slowly, one by one, little pictures formed over his sheet of notes. Pictures that depicted everything he felt from frustration to love. Anger, sadness, everything. When Alex looked down again, he almost jumped out of his hair in surprise.

"Woah..." He managed to say. Since when did he get so artistic? As he stared at his paper, a brunette leaned over and examined his notes.

"Nice doodles you got here." She said with a toothy grin. Alex looked up. Shelly. Since when was she in the same class as he was? He had completely forgotten about that creepy first grade girlfriend of his. Shelly, that awkward on out. The girl with legs too long, arms too short. Huge braces, large eyes and stringy hair. And she smelled. Oh wonderful.

"Uh, thanks?" He muttered, gathering his notes and scooting as far as he could away from her. 

Boy did she smell.

The End

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