Dreams of Perfection

She was standing there in all her glory. The wind was ruzzling the ends of her baby blue sundress, as well as her vibrant red locks. The strands of hair were wrapping themselves in front of her face. Alex could hear her laughter coming from behind the veil of her red mane, but he had no idea who this girl was. Finally, she caught a hold of her hair and used her hand to tuck the locks behind her ear, revealing a face that Alex knew all too well. Jane. It was Jane, looking at him as if he were the answer to life itself. Her eyes were so bright as the looked straight back into his dazed eyes, her cheeks rounded out from the big smile that had stretched across her face. She was beautiful, standing in this field, looking so perfect. She was perfect. Just as Alex took a few steps forward to embrace this perfection...

The alarm clock went off.

The End

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