a long night.

"oh Alex, I'm so glad we're actually going to dance together tonight!  I thought we'd never get around to it!" Mindy chirped, her blue eyes sparkling in the dark. the floor was speckled with disco lights and the faint murmuring and laughter mingled perfectly with the music. there were punch and chips and breathmints over by the refreshment stand. it was a beautiful moonlit night. and Mindy was in front of him, chattering away about something or other. yet Alex couldn't help feeling as if something was amiss, as if something was wrong with this whole scene. he just couldn't lay his finger on it. Mindy reached to his chest, and straightened his tie automatically, still warbling away. "... I mean, can you believe her? after all that, and they still broke up! If I were her, I would--" Alex sighed and feigned interest. this night was going to be longer than he hoped.

The End

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