it wasn't a joke.... honestly.

Morgan was not in the mood for his tricks. " stop fooling around!" she snapped. he winced at her tone. "it's not a prank, I swear! please, just come with me! you won't regret it!" josh grabbed at her sleeve and made to tug her over to the door. she wrenched away. " do I look stupid to you? after all the other dumb practical jokes you've played on me? no way! get lost, josh!" she whirled and stomped off. he wilted. darn it. he'd have to get her to go some other way.... perhaps later. he pricked up his ears. was the faintest of faint squealing hinges? he turned, and was seized around the neck by a long black arm with long horrible fingers. with a faint raspy whiffling, he was dragged through.

to the other side.

The End

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