Alice's Second Turn

Another fanfiction prompt. This time I went with Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Alice took a deep breath. The golden-red of the square-to-square portal stretched from the tufts below her feet up to the air half a metre above her head. She extended fingertips to its filmy surface, but, apart from the ripple across its banks, the portal stirred not.

To take this step – to become queen, to host her own ball and dance – it was all she had aimed for since entering the giant game of chess, but Alice stopped.

Her mind roamed back to the chess-pieces that had helped her, a lowly pawn. The White Knight had sacrificed three movies to save her from capture – what had she done for him? Nought.

Alice spun on her kidboots, tugged down her petticoats, and strode back through the grassy hillock, trampling underfoot as many daisies as she could. It simply wasn’t fair that she’d get to be queen of the board, but the other pieces had to suffer under the wrath of the red pieces.

“And just where do you think you are going?” inquired a voice.

“Think you are going?” a second voice echoed.

The Tweedles. They stood abreast of the seventh-square forest, the same leer on both faces.

“Excuse me, sirs, but what concern of yours would be my moves in my non-real-ness?”

The End

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