House of Bricks

Prompt: rewrite a fairytale, but keep it in the same universe

All three pigs trembled under the slate roof – Wolf’s paws thundered along the ground, followed by the occasional breathy sniff as he hunted for them.

“Come out, come out…”

The voice boomed through the bricks, and Littlest Pig squealed as he clutched his brother’s trotter.

Eldest Pig sighed. “This has gone on for long enough. If he really wanted our chinny chin chins, he would’ve stormed through the front door. He won’t blow this house down.”

The walls juddered in response, but Eldest Pig stood, and rolled to the door.

“I’m having words with that Wolf.”


Angel’s commentary: unfinished due to time, but I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. I might add another part to it when I have the time.

The End

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