Prompt: parachute

The fabric billowed in the chill dawn air. The woman tugged a tuft of hair behind her ear, zipped her jacket to her chin, and pushed through the morning gale that ruffled not only the tips of the grass and the heads of the trees, but also the shadows of the two men battling with the parachute.

“Good jump,” the woman called, as she raced towards their position, only ten metres off target. Her hair unpinned and she swept it away in an official manner.

The man with the parachute pack strapped to his back turned to her and smiled, but his exhausted grin was marred by traces of unnecessary disappointment.

Commentary from Angel: We had to choose one of three objects, since the session was about the integral nature of stories and tropes like key objects. I’d love to know your opinions and guesses of the scene playing out here. I had a good three-minute conversation with Morag about the conflict, setting and characters that could be part of this. I’m getting way too good at creating backstories for my vignettes.

The End

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