Writing exercise no.1

This is just a writing exercise I am doing to get rid of some writers block. It is a short story about a little girl learning to ride a bike with her father.

He slowly slipped his hand off the back seat. He watched as Lila pushed her arms off of the handle bars, struggling to keep the bike still. She coasted down the three foot hill struggled to pedal. "Look daddy! I'm doing it! I'm riding a bike!" she squealed. Her tiny blonde pigtails bounced under her helmet as she laughed. She started to get into rhythm with the pedals and maintained balance. She pedaled slowly through the parking lot, giggling. 

"You got this honey!" He yelled. He watched as she became smaller and smaller into the distance. He started jogging to catch up to her as she neared the parking lot's end. She suddenly came to a halt and wobbled off the bike. She slowly toppled onto the ground ass the bike fell on top of her. He winced as he braced himself for the tears, but none came. Instead, she looked up at him with her huge blue eyes. "Honey, are you okay?" He braced himself for the threatening truth as she started to giggle. Lila's body shook as she laughed uncontrollably on the ground. She laughed so much, that Chris and to laugh along to. Pretty soon, they were just sitting there, in the middle if an abandon grocery store parking lot , cracking up.

"Daddy." She stopped. She looked him up and down, seriously. "I have to try again." She burst into a grin and picked up her bike. He sat their, on the ground, looking up at her. "Daddy, what are you waiting for?"

"Are you sure you're ready to try again?" He asked as he slowly rose from he ground. 

"Yes. I have to be. If I'm not, then well, I fail." She commented simply. Then Lila walked her bike back to the top of the parking lot, leaving Chris standing there. Lila waved to him from the other side. "Come on! You can't stay there forever!" And he slowly started to walk to the other side of the parking lot.

The End

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