Description in Writing

-When to have it, and when to toss it

-Don’t have long prologues

-Descriptions must be relevant


-Variation. If it got in the way of plot, and is boring, toss it.

-Show VS Tell-- Show is awesome, detailed, and use SENSES! Sound, smell, taste

-Use environment to create depth.

-Get into the reader’s head >:)

-You don’t need to know every last detail.

-Remember adrenaline!

-More spring for action sequences

-Want the reader to realize and think “Exactly!”

-Focus on characters immediate feelings and actions. If they are running, they are focusing what’s in front of them.

-DON’T WRITE TO IMPRESS ((No one cares how big your vocabulary is))

This next one was too short to put it's on page. Honestly, I was falling asleep in this panel, but I hope I get some points across!


It makes the world, more characters. Setup/ payoff

Little conflicts

Don’t get carried away.

Blissful creativity


The End

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