Lovable Bad Boys: S. M. Anderson

-Cool in anything.

-Raw -- totally cliche. Nothing but a nice guy inside. DON’T.

-Soft boiled-- The REAL lovable bad guy. Complex. Good and Bad. Perfect are boring.

-Hard boiled- True villains. Pure evil. Villains who earn sympathy (Loki)

-Different World View -- Shifty morals. Bad behavior is justified. Good or wholesome traits often seen as weakness (mercy) Judge by own moral code

- Two sided character traits-- Confident/Arrogant, Justified/Vengeful Dominant/Overbearing Brooding/Depressed Merciful/Pushover Assertive/Aggressive Clever/Sarcastic Kind/Weak Blunt/Rude

~~~Bad Boy Cliches-- Try to avoid unless needed. Wear dark clothes/ hot car/ motorcycle/ loner/ sob backstory/ reckless/ devilish grin/ goes for good girls.

--MAKE READER CARE-- Character’s objective. Show modiviation. Actions-striving for goal or reader loses interest. Complex characters.

---- Turn mostly bad into likeable- “Save the Cat” moment. Give them a goal. Love someone or be loved by someone. Make them brave/Remedy quality/weakness/defy social norms/ BAD-A/ code of honor, even skewed/ really good at something.

-If you wait to the end for kindness, not believable. Remember to drop hints.

-Give character strength-- Inner conflict

-Encourage sympathy from reader, and Bad Boy to show sympathy, briefly


-Don’t do sudden change of heart, reader loses interest

-Forgiveness-- strongest attributes a person to change

-Wit and spontaneity-- getting it right the first time (“I wish I would have said...”)

-Make character POP- layers and complex. Create cast of charas that are different from protagonist

-Raise the Stakes!-- Don’t let things get good. Always make things hard for Protag.


The End

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