- 1: Give info to reader

- 2: Develop characters

- 3: Advance plot

1- “As you know, Bob,” States everything as everyone already knows. DON’T DO THAT.

-Age/ gender/ economic status/ education/ where they live/ touchy subjects/ formal or casual/ bold or shy/ ACCENTS/ emotions/ race/ class/ slang/

-Make sure the reader remembers the accents, and use word choice

-Foreign language--- Remember the Mud People (Sword of Truth Series)

-For children, listen to them and the way they talk

-Don’t put characters out of character

-Remember word choice (((Angry)))

-Don’t repeat yourself, (said, etc)

-Use exclamation points, not just commas

-Internal dialogue is Italicized, no “ :) “ quotes.

The End

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