Character Development

-Torture, with setting and problems

-Emotionally shattering choices

-Romantic-- end up together in the end.

-Life changing. Try not to cliche

-People who has most to lose connect better with reader.

-What matters most to your character?

-Get to know character emotionally

-The idea of the story is good, but character is ALL

~~~Character flaws

-Connect reader to character (Feel what they feel)

-Take glimpses of character, don’t shove it down reader’s throat all at once

-Dialouge is fantastic for glimpses and show personality

-Use lots of pain (((Make scoundrels EX: Han Solo)))

-”Speaker for the Dead” ---Orson Scott Card

-”Summer of Night” “Lewis Carroll” “Terry Pratchit” “D. Harrison” “Jenny Hanson” “Arkfall”--- Gilman

-Who has greatest stake?

-Let the characters evolve

-Use different perspectives

-EX: Loyal person in a choice where betrayal would be the RIGHT choice, and it’s heartwrenching

-Violate readers expectations!!

-Hero’s are only as good as his villain. Villain’s who don’t believe THEY ARE the hero, it’s stupid.

-Moments of human tenderness ---For bad guy

-Names: Graveyards/Name generators/Genealogy

-Anchor readers into characters


The End

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