Jack Simmons

Walking along walking along walking along stop! I shook my head, snapping out of the, well, the out-of-it frame of mind and found my nose inches from a sign I was sure wasnt in my way two steps ago.  I stepped back and read it.

West-Character developement


North-Happy Ending

I frowned at the sign, it didnt really help me. I was here to find a girl, not necessarily a happy ending, nor a plot, nor did I need to develop my character. I was quite developed enough, thank you, had been in loads of plots, and many with happy endings. And one without. I pushed that thought out of my head before it got worse.

"Lets head this way." I said to the other two, who had been talking amongst themselves, as I pointed north. I hoped that heading for a happy ending would get me that much closer to my goal.

Before I knew it, I was walking on very familiar territory. My house in fact. I turned, no one was behind me. Somewhere in the distance, a voice whispered: You no longer need to be in the world of writers block. You have a calling elsewhere. In my hand was a plane ticket, and a suitcase sat by my stopped feet.

"Come on son, time to get you where you need to go." Said my dad. I grinned and slid into the car, where would my adventures take me this time?

The End

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