Virgil: A Body in the Bushes

Virgil walked behind the man, wondering where he was going. He wanted to ask, but somehow he couldn't bring himself to break the silence. The day felt rather nice and Virgil was beginning to enjoy the walk, when his guide stopped suddenly. Virgil almost crashed into him.

The man turned and smiled, the sun reflecting off of his glasses.

"It is time for a social interaction. I will be back to check on you shortly."

"Wait, you're leaving?"

"Yes. It would be strange for me to interrupt. I'm not like Jinx." Before Virgil could ask who Jinx was, his guide disappeared, leaving him alone. Virgil scratched his head. Now what? He decided to go into the forest. The man had never said when and where the interaction would take place, so he just continued walking, hoping that fate or something would help him find the person he was supposed to meet. He came to a clearing and looked around.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" No one replied, and he couldn't see anything except trees and weeds. Wait, what was that under them? Virgil crept closer and was horrified to find a body under them. It had apparently been there for a while with all those weeds clinging to it. Was this his social interaction? What sort of twisted joke was his guide trying to pull? Virgil looked at the body more closely. It looked female, with short, blonde hair. He let out a gasp when he realized she was still breathing. He took out a dagger and began to cut her loose. When he was almost finished her eyes fluttered open.

The End

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