Courtney: Planning

I walked with Aislinn for what seemed an age, in complete and utter silence. "How much farther do you suppose it is?" Aislinn asked, groaning slightly as she stumbled in her heals. "I'm not sure" I confessed checking the electronic map which was no use whatsoever as it said just to keep walking.

After about half an hour of endless walking I spotted a building in the distance, a small little bungalow. "Could that be it?" I asked Aislinn. She looked down at the map and back at me and nodded. "What!" I exploded "You mean we have walked all this smegging way to a bungalow in the middle of nowhere, my feet feel as though there going to drop off!"

When we reached the little cottage we tapped gently on the door and waited, no answer. We knocked again -nothing, as we went to turn away the door creaked open to reveal a very old fashioned looking living room.

I crept in very slowly looking round in awe at the room, with its polished oak floor and big fireplace which seemed to warm the whole room. In the corner there were two big comfy armchairs which both Aislinn and I claimed, resting from our long walk.

A large A1 size notebook was set on the table in front of the armchairs and on the front cover it said 'Planning A Sequel'

I looked over at Aislinn and said, "We better get to work then"

The End

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