Amethyst: So It Begins

Amethyst wiped some sweat from her brow. It was so hot. That, and the strange little man was sitting on her shoulders. After they had landed he had insisted that she carry him. Now he was clinging to her hair like a little child, cheering and whooping.

"I've never felt so alive!" he shouted with glee. 

"That is quite the opposite of how I feel." Amethyst scanned the land ahead and was relieved to see two figures coming towards them. The man hung back, but the other one, a woman, came and shook her hand.

"Hello! I am Ashlynn and this is Jack."

"Amethyst, and this is..."

"Jinx." The man winked at them.

He didn't have a last name either apparently. "So, why are you two here?"

Jack spoke up. "Well, I was here to get a female partner, and she came to fill that need."

"Well, I guess you two were made for each other." Jinx howled with laughter. Amethyst rolled her eyes, and the man grew serious. 

"So do you want to head to the Romance Development Department or the Character Duo Department?"

Ashlynn looked confused. "What do you mean?" Jinx shook his head.

"Amethyst, we should show these young people to Writer's Block Hall." 

"Sure, it's..." She looked up at the sky from which they had fallen. The little man chuckled. 

"It looks like we are going to have to walk. Or should I say, you are going to have to walk." Amethyst grumbled and turned around. Jinx dug his toes into her shoulder blades.

"Onward my noble steed!" She dumped him unceremoniously onto the ground.

The End

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