Ashlynn Davis

Falling, falling, falling...

Wait a second. Why was I falling?  Granted I fell off my bed every  so often but I never remembered it being this tall. Maybe I was still dreaming.

"Oof!" felt someone's shoulder suddenly jab into my back and felt their hair brush against my elbow. He grunted and we both tumbled to the ground.

 If I wasn't awake before, I was now.

"I'm so sorry!" I half-yelped, half-laughed, rolling off of the poor stranger and slowly climbing to my feet, "Are you alright?"

He sat up to rub his shoulder, giving me a strange look, "I guess. Who are you?"

"Ashlynn Davis," I extended a hand to help him up. He eyed me warily with his emerald eyes before taking it.

"This makes the population eight."


"Don't you have some sort of paper that identifies you?"

Raising an eyebrow, I began searching my thick skirts until, in one of the pockets I found exactly what he was talking about.

Name: Ashlynn Davis

Powers: N/A

Species: Human

Description: 17, long, brown hair, deep-blue eyes, small nose, short.

I crinkled that 'small nose' of mine in disgust at the last item on the list.

Story: N/A

Reason for coming to Writer's Block: To fill need of female partner

Well. That was only slightly awkard. I looked back up at the striking stranger who obviously knew more about this place than I did.

"Alright, so this is Writer's Block?"

He nodded.
"So who are you?"

"Jack Simmons."

"And where are you going?"

"That's what I was just asking myself."

I was getting the idea that I wasn't the first one to fall from the sky.

"Well maybe..." my voice drifted off as I began to scan our strange surroundings. It seemed to be a collage of every type of setting every imagined. I was just admiring a majestic mountain when the ground began shaking, knocking me to my feet.

"Oh yeah," Jack chuckled, "You might want to watch out for that. It--"

I gasped, cutting him off. The mountain was completely gone but what distracted me more was the small figures that suddenly appeared on the horizon.

"Look!" I exclaimed, jumping to my feet and pointing,  "There's people! Maybe they know where to go."

"But we don't even know who they--"

"C'mon!" I grabbed his wrist and dragged him off before he could say anymore.

The End

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