Jack Simmons: Alone

Walking down a path, totally focused on it and not on the shifting landscape around me, I almost didn't realized it when I came to a fork in the road. Well, I didn't notice, until my down-turned head ran into the sign telling me which way each path led.

"Go left," said one. "To find true love."

"Go right," said the other. "To find the One." My shoulders slumped slightly. These werent any help at all, they both practically said the same thing. I looked at my paper, hoping that it might provide some direction. Nope.

Left or right? I pointed to each corresponding direction. They both led off in directly the opposite direction from each other, so if they met up at any time in the future, it was a long way off. Part of me wanted to ditch the path and keep going straight, but with the sun directly overhead and not appearing to have moved in the slightest, along with the changing landscape, I'd get lost before anything happened. Even so, an adventure was better than following a boring path that could just lead me around in circles. I went straight, heading across a field towards what looked like mountains, though they could change to a forest at any time. I mentally prepared myself for anything.

The End

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