Damien Black: What's The Point

I soared through the air, my leg stretched out, ready to snap out and kick my opponent.  I was inches away from impact when the scene changed from the roof of some skyscraper on a rainy night, to a field on a sunny day. I frowned, my blue eyes squinting. I tried to spy anything threatening, but there was nothing there except for a sign, which I didn't bother reading. It's not like it would've attacked me anyway.

 I slowly crouched down, and started to slowly scan the area again. I even looked into the forest. When I came to the conclusion that no one visible was here, I started to use my other senses. I inhaled, and could smell sweet smells, mixed with the earthy smell of nature. I then tried to listen for anything. All I could hear was a quiet, soft trickle of some sort of a stream a couple of meters into the forest, which looked beautiful. the inside had an orange, hazy glow to it that enhanced everything with light. I would have liked to explore, but my safety always had to be put first. I had no one else that I needed to protect.

 After deciding that my taste and touch senses wouldn't help me, I straightened up, and slowly walked to the sign, before realising that I had a piece of paper stuffed in my hands that I always kept in constant fists, just in case.

 I opened the paper up, and peered around cautiously before reading it.

Name: Damien Black
Power(s): Impeccable fighting skills; has mastered every art of combat
Species: Human
Description: Long raven hair, falling to the thick black eyebrows. Ice-blue eyes, athletic build. Can be quite awkward sometimes without realising it
Story: Never Steal A Mans Soul
Reason for coming to writers block: Does not have a point in the story; he is a major part, but has no reason to be there yet. Character development.

 How did they know my name? Did I write this? No, of course not. I would've remembered.

 Where. Was. I?

The End

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