Jack: Lack of Romance

Whump! All the air whooshed out of me as I hit the ground face first. Coughing and trying to get air back in my body, I struggled to my feet. One second, I'd been on my ship, the next, I'm totally landlocked. The ground swayed uneasily and I nearly fell down again. Looking around, I didnt recognize the territory, but that was normal, all sorts of new things were being mad up all the time. I could tell by the feel of this place that it was one of those "Limbo" places, a place where things could change at any second, to the whim of the Authors, much to the discomfort of the character who is used to the stationary, pre-created world of a story.

A sign stood nearby, and I stumbled towards it, still trying to get my land-legs back. Writers block, Pop 7. Population 7, not very much for such a big world, I guessed that meant there werent big armies here, which was good, meant it was pretty safe. Well, I say pretty safe, the ground rolled and pitched under me again and suddenly there was a mountain standing to the west.

"I think I'm gonna be sick!" I groaned. I hated the changing worlds like this. As I went down on my knees, trying to quell the awful feeling in my stomach, I heard a crinkling in my pocket, like paper. I reached in and pulled out a list.

Name: Jack Simmons

Powers: N/A

Species: Human

Description: Male, 17. Short, shaggy hair, pitch black in color. Emerald green eyes, straight nose, pointy chin, slim build, a little on the short side of average.

Story: Lollican Chronicles

Reason for coming to writers block: Need of female partner.

Female partner? You mean, romantically? You have got to be kidding me. I looked around the area, and saw a path, it started a few feet away and curved off to the south, and it had most definitely not been there before. Taking a deep breath and trying again to prevent myself from being sick, I stepped off onto the path. it was the only thing I could do.

The End

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