Courtney: Finally A Familiar Face!

I stood in the lobby of this impossible building, massive and filled with creatures from every dimension imaginable! The lobby had many corridors leading from it and I saw people and creatures alike hurrying down them.

I saw lined against the wall, what looked like teleports and i saw people standing in them then disapearing into the ether, obviously heading back to their own worlds!

I hurried towards an empty teleport and stood into it, I closed my eyes and expected to find myself back in the story I came from. Nothing Happened.

"You can only teleport when your time in Writer's Block is complete" came a gruff voice making me jump about a foot in the air. The voice had come from a tall humanoid with a neon complexion and long purple hair which just about touched the lobby floor. I stared at him with bewilderment.

"i'm sorry what are you staring at?" he asked taking a step backwards.

"Sorry" I muttered still amazed at the variaty of people there were here. "you said these things will take me back to my story?" I asked, not daring to take my eyes from him.

"Yes, but they will not work until your time in Writer's Block is complete, I see you have aquired one of our electronic maps that will lead you to the department you need to go to." He gestured at the small electronic device that i was still clutching in my hand. It was beeping loudly at me and when I looked at the screen i saw a little button which said press here. I pressed it. 

The moment I pressed it, the beeping stopped and a new screen popped up, showing the exact same information that was on the scrap of paper, which was now in the top pocket of my dress.

A map popped up soon after, replacing my character information which looked to be leading the way to what could only have been the Story Complete building.

I looked back up at the man with the neon complexion, "..and if I go here and do what i need to there then these teleport things will take me home?" I asked, well aware that I already knew the answer. "Yes" he said simple then walked away, his bright purple hair, just touching the lobby floor.

I looked down at the electronic map and saw it was pointing down a corridor straight ahead, I started to make my way towards it but stopped momentarily to watch 3 little trolls chasing after each other around a reclining chair where a bigger troll was sleeping, mouth wide open and snoring loudy.  With a little giggle I proceded to make my way down the corridor shown on the map. At the end of the corridor I reached a door, which opened out onto a wood, with a distinct path running through the trees and into the distance. I checked my map and saw it was telling me to follow this path, so i did.

After about 20 minutes of walking down this long and winding forest path, which I saw no-one, I checked my map again, still it told me to continue down this never ending path; so i did stumbling slightly as my heels sunk into the soft ground.

All of a sudden, everything around me seemed to shake, and i fell onto the ground which shook violently, what was going on? i thought. When the shaking stopped, I got unsteadily to my feet and looked down at my map. It had changed!

The map now said that I was to go back the way I came, and that would lead me to the Story Complete building. I looked at the device, baffled by this sudden change but obliged and turned around and headed back down the path.

After about 1 hour of walking back the way I had come and feeling as though I had got no-where, the ground started shaking again and I was thrown to the ground. Sure enough when the shaking had stopped the map had changed yet again! It now said to change direction and go back the way I was going in the first place.

I screamed my annoyance and threw the device against a tree, where it rebounded and landed next to me, undamaged. I sat myself down on a nearby rock, breathing heavily through the anger that was now bubbling up inside me!

"I want to go home!" I shouted my voice breaking slightly.

A voice answered me, a recognisable voice, a voice I knew well, "Me too."

Aislinn walked down the path towards me. I ran towards her and flung my arms around my best friend. "Thank God, you're here!" I said squeezing my best friend tightly. "Thank God I'm not alone anymore"

"Where are we anyway?" Aislinn asked as I let go of her, I noticed that she too was carring a electronic map, mine lay forgotton on the ground.

"Somewhere called Writer's Block" I replied, still smiling at my friend.

She turned and looked at me, "Did you see all those creatures in the lobby back there" she exclamed, obviously as amazed as I was by that strange sight.

"Yeah! The guy with the neon complexion and long purple hair, and the trolls!" I reeled off a list of all the strange things I saw.

"I arrived here and the first thing I saw was a huge yellow squid staring at me" she cringed slightly. "The squid told me to go the the lobby, so I did, then I was given this strange device." she examined the map and turned it around in her hands. I stooped down and picked mine up from the ground, It was still working and an arrow flashed on the screen telling me the direction I was to walk in. 

I linked arms with Aislinn and we started to make our way towards the Story Compete department.

I was alot calmer now I wasn't alone.

The End

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